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Recipe: Jellied Oyster with Bellorr "Perles de France" Snail Caviar


Open the oysters saving the juice from the shells.

You’ll need half a litre of filtered juice; you will be able to add 5cl of water to tone it down.

Dissect and rinse the oysters.

Heat up the juice; fold in the softened jelly sheets.

Pour a little cooled juice into the shells.

Let it set.

Place an oyster in each shell; pour the remainder of the jelly over; let it set for half an hour in the fridge before serving.

Add the content of a coffee spoon of Bellor Escargot eggs on top of each oyster.

Recipe by Michel and Kinette Gautier, Maître Cuisinier de France in Bordeaux


Shopping list for 6 people

- 36 no3 special oysters

- 5 jelly sheets

- 100g of Bellorr "Perles de France" Snail Caviar