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Truffes blanches :

Tuber Magnatum Pico, known as “Truffe Blanche d'Alba” (White Truffle of Alba)

Also known as Truffe d'Alba, or from the Piedmont, as it grows extensively in that region. It is also found in lesser quantities in some areas of Central Italy, as well as in the South of France. 

It takes its name from Alba, but is present in the whole of Monferrato, le Langhe e Roero and some of the Turin hills. 

The privileged relationship we have with our Italian neighbours, allows us to offer the world’s best tables, a very exclusive and rare product. We have the most exceptional white truffles.

It is considered as the truffle par excellence because of its major commercial importance. 

Its aroma is spellbinding. Whilst its black relative goes well with the great red wines from Pomerol, it goes marvellously with a great and old Riesling wine. The Italians also enjoy plain white truffle, grated like silk paper on pasta with butter and cheese, or on eggs. 

Delivered in soil in order to retain their natural qualities, they are packaged in refrigerated boxes. 

Savour the White Truffle of Alba and its incomparable aroma!!

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